The breast is sagging and loses its elasticity with age and the various methods of life such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, so many women resort to a breast-tightening operation.. The breast size may be very large and thus a breast reduction process is performed and then the breast is tightened..

In other cases, the breast may be not full and flabby, so breast augmentation is performed, and then the stretching process.

Before the procedure, you must follow the instructions before breast lift

The operation

Before the operation, the surgeon locates the surgical incisions and initially identifies a longitudinal midline in the center of the chest using special tools.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia in most cases.. It is under local anesthesia in the event that the breast lift was small.

After anesthesia, the area is injected with a saline solution with a local anesthetic to reduce pain after the operation and a substance that reduces the occurrence of bleeding.

Then the excess skin is removed, the new breast shape is adjusted, and the nipple is put in its new position.. A small tube is placed under the skin in each breast inside the surgical incision to withdraw fluid and blood residues collected under the skin, making the healing process faster..

The incisions are closed with cosmetic surgical sutures and do not need to be removed in most cases.