There is many benefits for face injecting fat:

First: – The process of injecting fat in the face is one of the simple, easy, and not time-consuming processes; also isn’t expensive compared to the injections and other cosmetic operations.

Second: -The process of injecting fat in the face is characterized by the fast appearance of its result .

Third: – The absence of any possibility of any complications or immune rejection of these injected fat cells, because they are taken from the body itself.

Fourth: -It is possible to store the drawn fats in special circumstances by freeze them, and then reuse them within a period of time estimated at four months .

Fifth: – It helps in a strong and excellent pace in getting rid of those signs of aging, in addition to fighting them very well for wrinkles, and all kinds of facial lines.

Sixth: – The process of injecting fat into the face, is a strong pace, increases the beauty of the facial skin, and thus its freshness, which gives the woman that high, big boost for self-confidence .

Seventh: – It does not dissolve or disappear with the passage of the face with a number of changes because the cells that live permanently and their size become smaller when thin or dieting, and increases when an increase in weight occurs.