All you want to know about dimples and is it hereditary or not?

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All you want to know about dimples and is it hereditary or not?

Dimples, it is that there are many people who have one dimple on one cheek, while there are people who have two dimples, and it is often noticed that there is more than one dimple if the person smiles, and the reason for its appearance scientifically is the presence of a small deformation in the cheek muscles, which arises About her underdevelopment in the external channels of the cheek.

It should be noted that there are children born without dimples, but they appear with the passage of time and age, and there are other cases in which children are born with dimples, but they disappear with time, because they often result from the fat accumulated in the premature baby, which gradually decreases with growth.

Is dimple hereditary?

There is a lot of scientific evidence that proves that dimples are a common genetic trait. If the father or mother has a dimple, the percentage of her child’s possession is high, but in fact there is limited scientific evidence that did not prove that dimples are actually a genetic trait. The father or mother may have a dimple, but A child is born without a dimple, on the other hand a child may be born with a dimple and the father and mother do not have it.

Not everyone has these dimples, some people have it genetically and others resort to plastic surgery to get them

Regardless of its reasons, it is considered in some cultures a sign of beauty and good luck

The number of dimple plastic surgery has increased recently

This operation is usually done in the clinic and without general anesthesia.

get it surgically

It is possible to obtain the dimple by surgical methods, which is a simple and not dangerous method, as specialists confirm that the surgical process of owning the dimple is one of the most famous operations, and does not require much time to perform and recover from it, but rather requires a time ranging from 20-30 minutes.

The steps of the process are as follows:

Choose a doctor according to the appropriate type of anesthesia for the person.

The doctor is talked through the medical scalpel and a small incision is made inside the mouth, and the incision is no more than 2 cm, and then medical scissors are used, the doctor works to remove the excess tissue in the place.

The doctor stitches the place, and then the dimple is formed in the site of the scar that will heal.

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