All you need to know about orthodontics and its types

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All you need to know about orthodontics and its types

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry related to the orthodontics of the teeth and jaws in order to improve the smile and oral health. The word “Ortho” means that the thing is healthy or straight in its texture, and the word “Odont” means a tooth.. Usually the dentist recommends installing orthodontic appliances to improve the natural appearance of the patient’s face and mouth.. Through orthodontic treatment, problems resulting from crooked or crooked teeth are addressed. Crowding, protrusion of the upper jaw or open bite, poor jaw posture, jaw joint disorders…

What are the types of orthodontic appliances?

Your dentist will determine the type of device that is best for you to treat your problem.. But the choice is often left to the patient.. Orthodontic devices are generally available in three types: The most common type is metal or plastic braces.. which are attached to the teeth and are less visible.. For the type of “Linguistic” devices are clips that are attached behind the teeth and thus are hidden from view.. As for the ligaments, they are the traditional type that covers most of your teeth using metal bands wrapped around the teeth.. All types use wires to move the teeth to the desired position…

How to take care of the orthodontic device

This is a very important topic that requires us to be fully aware of the importance of caring for our teeth during the treatment process.. and what are the steps and things to be done, and what are the dangers and consequences of dental neglect during treatment.. as neglect may lead to widespread caries or possible Large and chronic gingival infections may occur, which can lead at the very least to a low level of gums in some or all of the teeth, and thus we have an appearance that is not aesthetic at all and is difficult to treat sometimes…

Things and steps to follow:

1- There is a group of foods that must be completely boycotted because either they can lead to the fracture of one of the parts of the orthodontic system, or they are difficult to clean and seriously harm the teeth, including:

Avoid hard foods such as nuts, vegetables, hard fruits, ice, etc.
Reducing as much as possible foods and drinks that contain sugar, such as coffee, tea, cola, ice cream, chocolate, etc..

2 – Brushing the teeth four times a day, following the correct methods for that:
Once, right after breakfast.
Once after lunch or school.
Once after dinner.
Right before bed…

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