Before chemical peels The doctor determines the level required for exfoliation and the type of appropriate material.. This depends on the type of skin and the area to be treated.

As for a slight exfoliation, no special preparations are required before the session.. As for the medium and deep exfoliation, the skin must be prepared by cleaning it at least twice a day.. And using topical creams prescribed by the doctor two to six weeks before the exfoliation as a preparatory period.. Where these creams reduce the possibility of pigmentation and improvement The results of peeling.. And reduce the time needed to heal..

As for Accutane, it should not be taken before peeling for 12-18 months.

Instructions after chemical peels

Skin needs after exfoliation cleaned several times per day .. and change the dressing or ointment used in case of medium and deep peeling .. the doctor may need to examine the wound and clean it, especially in deep peeling ..

The more the peeling depth, the more the patient needs to take analgesics after the operation. Cortisone and antibiotics can be used to prevent infection after peeling.

You should not be exposed to sunlight during the first month after the operation and use a sunscreen … and moisturize the skin on a daily basis

When the skin starts to peel off, the hand should not be used to remove the scales and leave until it clears up automatically.

After the scaling of the skin is over, it is advised to use a sunscreen on a daily basis because the new skin is more sensitive.. Doctors may advise using a tretinoin cream at night during the first three weeks after the procedure..

You should follow the doctor’s instructions and not to use cosmetics, decorations or any other materials during the peeling period without asking the doctor