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Welcome To Biu Smile

Biu Smile Center is an integrated system in plastic surgery, as the center includes healthy and aesthetic options at the highest level. Our medical team is honored to provide health services to all of our clients, and our medical team is considered to have the finest practical degrees and more than 10 years experience in the medical field. The Center is also keen on providing events of medical devices and equipment.

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Our goals

Our ultimate goal is to become the most reliable health destination in the region, by focusing on the holistic concept in dental practice . We strive to reach this level by providing the best level of service to customers so that they have the best image of our center by achieving : Providing the best and highest quality available Using the latest technology in field Comfort, hygiene and medical environment at the center Respecting customer times as well as the center’s agenda Our specialties General dentistry Dental Surgery Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontics of all kind Fixed and mobile dental fixtures and veneers Dental implants with the latest technology Treating dental roots and nerves and periodontal disease

Our ambitions

Accuracy, quality and punctuality. The right price for the service. The medical materials we depend on are 100% Swiss and German. Follow up the patient’s condition after completing the operation.

Our vision

It to provide high quality dental services.

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