Abdominal flabs are formed due to weak abdominal muscles and frequent increase and decrease in weight, which causes skin sagging and drooping beneath the abdomen, so the tummy tuck aims to tighten excess flabs.. There are other factors that cause abdominal flabs such as pregnancy and childbirth.. Obesity and most of these cases the surgical intervention is the only solution The lack of exercise and weight loss to improve the shape of the abdomen..

Abdominoplasty is divided into two types:

* Minor abdominal operation (simple) : simpler and easier surgically than the second operation .. Because the opening of surgery is less with the suction of excess fat from the waist through the opening of the lower navel, which is a small opening that is not seen with the naked eye..

* Major abdominal operation: in which the abdomen is tightened With the removal of accumulated fat in that region … and strengthening the abdominal muscles again by tightening them through an opening in the lower abdomen determined according to the pathological condition..