A woman’s smile is a man’s guide to her beauty


A woman’s smile is a man’s guide to her beauty

A woman’s smile, the pigmentation of the teeth is an indication of the amount of responsibilities that a woman bears that may reflect her love for staying up late or traveling, and this is what distracts her from visiting the doctor.

If the size of the teeth is smaller than the size of the lips, this often confirms their demand for cosmetic clinics to inflate their lips and their dissatisfaction with their beauty.

Before performing any plastic surgery, the shape of the teeth must be taken into account, and the raised eyebrows or “shinies” and thin teeth form a harsh face and closer to the inverted pyramid, which indicates that she is a stubborn and remorseful woman.

When a woman’s smile captivates you, I am completely confident that she is adept at planning, daring in research and asking questions, and she is not easily convinced, because she searched for the doctor well before handing him her teeth.

Yellowing of the color of the teeth increases the odds that they are a smoker, while their whiteness means the opposite.

The mouth is the mirror of the body, and it shows signs of chronic diseases or vitamin deficiency.

Covering the lower lip to the edges of the upper teeth reflects the nature of her life full of stress and irregular hours of sleep and perhaps her fear of horror films and the dark.

If her eyes are a little sunken, this increases the chances of her having a cheek augmentation.

The erosion of the tips of her teeth reflects her poor diet and often love of fast food.

Her teeth do not fit the size of the mouth in terms of shape and size, and they should be inward with a curvature towards the lower jaw, and the side teeth should be a little shorter so that there is a space between them and the lower lip, and these teeth are not suitable for a woman with black skin.

The teeth are very small relative to the size of the inner mouth, and this is called a gummy smile. The appearance of the teeth is not bad, but if the appearance of the gums is softened with the teeth enlarged a little to take the shape of a triangle, this will give the impression of maturity and her smile will become close, similar to Marilyn Monroe’s smile.

Her face is soft, but her teeth do not fit her and give the impression of an unbalanced, unconfident and aggressive personality.

The teeth are protruding forward in the middle and there is no balance between the size and shape of the front teeth. As for the canines, they are protruding outward with an extra length, in addition to the fact that the dental arch is not proportional to the shape of the face, as it must be in the shape of the letter u in order to give breadth to the face.

Her teeth are beautiful and the color is suitable for her skin, and she gives the impression of lightness of shade because the teeth do not occupy the entire opening of the mouth and the presence of the black triangle on both sides of the mouth.

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